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Ownership Structure & Registration

Leading Expert in Yacht Registration, Ownership SolutionĀ & Malta Leasing

Over 150 Registrations Per Year

Arrow Services Monaco specialises in structuring yacht ownership and registration.
Our role is not to sell a flag, but a solution to the safe registration and ownership of a valuable asset in a tax and VAT efficient structure – one that will be different for every client.

Registering using Arrow means registration and ownership are matched to meet your individual requirements, based on your tax jurisdiction/domicile status, VAT and operational use of the vessel.

We register vessels a year in most major jurisdictions, including UK, Cayman, Isle of Man, BVI, Monaco, France, Malta, St Vincent, Antigua, Marshall Islands, Cook Islands and Australia.

Given the volume of registrations we handle and the fact we have been dealing with flag states for over 19 years, puts us in an excellent position to obtain priority services.

This fact is recognised by many banks that rely on Arrow for registration of yachts for their clients, and in particular to register mortgages where they have an interest in the vessel.

Corporate structure and individual ownership are very important steps in owning a vessel and must be completed correctly to protect the client and their asset.

Malta Yacht Leasing Structures areĀ a recognised way of reducing the VAT payment on yachts, based on the size/type of the vessel, the VAT can be reduced to 5.4%.

Note: The Malta Lease scheme has changed in 2018.

Note: Arrow Monaco Services specialises in understanding the complexities of EU VAT laws as they apply to yachts. Contact us for more information.

Ownership Structure & Registration Cases Studies