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New Build 46m Baglietto

As wealth grows the logical process normally follows nice cars, second homes, private air travel and eventually yachts, the size of which is governed by the clients wealth.  Building Superyachts should be a fun and enjoyable experience for the clients. Our objective is to listen to client’s wishes, ideas and demands to find solutions and make their dreams become reality.

Henry Ford

The majority of our clients find their way to us via law firms, trust companies and banks that are impressed by our skills and most importantly our Independence.

This was the case in 2013 when we were contacted by an Italian specialist yacht law firm asking for our assistance for a client wishing to build a 46m Baglietto. We had worked with the same law firm many years before and they had remembered our professional skills and approach.


On arrival to the client’s offices there was a panel of advisors ready to interview us. We understood prior to the meeting where we would be one of 4 companies being interviewed that day. Instead of delivering a proposal we simply listened to their wishes, requests and dreams then explained previous projects, respecting our boundaries of non-discloser, which clearly demonstrated our knowledge and how we operate. The clients immediately connected with us and we were appointed there and then.


In the Superyacht industry all clients are different, some demanding, some easier, some with a fun nature, some more reserved and some with more time than others and wanting a direct involvement in the process. With this client the available time was always precious making our understanding of the client more crucial than ever to enable us to deliver extremely precise information.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” Henry Ford

- Know more - 'Lastest 46m Baglietto Launched' - Article from SuperYachtWorld magazine - 23/04/2015 -

For two years our team worked onsite with Baglietto (The Builder) and Francesco Paszkowski (The Designers) and launched the yacht in June 2015. The construction process was one of the smoothest builds we have managed due the synergy created with the owner, our onsite team and the shipyard’s management team headed by Davide Pistorello.

Our clients were, and still are, extremely satisfied with their new yacht, however they soon realized they would need a larger yacht to cope with their extended family.   Due to the enjoyable experience of building with the Arrow team in winter 2015/2016 we were commissioned to begin  working on a 70m custom explorer style yacht with design input from Hot Lab Studios of Milano.

The 46 yacht has been added to the Arrow Services Monaco Management fleet.

Baglietto - Cutting edge since 1854 - LOGBOOK - Winter 2017