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Yacht Construction 80m+ and more than 3000GT+

Global Explorer Yacht, Ice Class, Helicopters, Submarines, 35 plus crew and more toys than Disney land!

In 2015, we were contacted by an owner’s representative to review an 80m+, 3000GT+ new build project.

The client’s brief was to review all documentation from build contract, specification and schematics to subcontractor agreements, payment terms and a report on both financial stability and technical capacity of the shipyard. General arrangement drawing & schematics were corrected when required, specification was thoroughly reviewed to ensure it was comprehensive, complete and that all technology was up to current standards.

Our target was to deliver a detailed build proposal providing a high level of protection and certainty while minimizing unnecessary risks and exposure for the client.

“Our target was to deliver a detailed build proposal providing a high level of protection”

During this project it was discovered that the shipyard specification did not contain €16 mill of essential missing elements. Our experience and knowledge resulted in major changes to many areas of the yacht, including replacing technical items with today’s latest technologies and changing drive line and service machinery to increase efficiency and performance and reduce consumption and emissions.

The client was extremely satisfied with our project review allowing them to make an informed decision about proceeding with the project.

(Non Disclosure agreements prohibit any further details being revealed)