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Yacht Management 50m+ 24/7 technical support

Arrow’s reputation as problem solvers is well known.  So much so that we received simultaneously and independently contact from a yachts owner’s lawyer and broker both of who were unaware that they were approaching Arrow with the same issue requiring rapid solution.

The yacht owner with his entire family from the US were heading to Monaco to take delivery and looking forward to the first cruise on his new yacht.

Unfortunately dark clouds were on the horizon with a technical issue preventing the yacht from use.  The yacht’s manager’s response was that they could not assist as there were no product support services available on the weekend and for the client to delay or cancel the trip.

In desperation the lawyer and broker reached out to ASM late on the Friday with the full knowledge that the client was arriving Monday and would not be a “happy yacht owner” if the yacht was unserviceable.  Late Friday evening at the office of ASM and the phones were hot calling contacts around Europe and calling in favours.

 “One happy owner unaware of the drama.”

By 2325hrs the Sunday evening the parts had been installed, class survey notified and the yachts restriction had been removed allowing the owner to use his yacht for the trip legally.

Outcome. One happy owner unaware of the drama or Arrow’s involvement but from Arrow’s side the Broker and Lawyer knew who to trust with yacht management.

(Non Disclosure agreements prohibit any further details being revealed) 


“I have wanted to send you a thank you for Arrow’s excellent service and particular thanks to Yerin Hobson.

I recently sold a 165′ that was moved to Monaco for the Owner’s first trip, with him arriving on Sunday.  The Captain had a pump fail that would have forced the Owner to stay off the yacht until repaired.  Did I mention, the Owner had just bought the yacht and this was his first trip onboard?

Another management company was handling the yacht and Friday at 5:00 left the yacht saying no more could happen until the next week.  The Captain called Arrow at 6:00 on the Friday and spoke with Yerin.  Yerin sourced the replacement pump that evening, made arrangements for its delivery, and the installation was completed by the Sunday evening prior to the arrival of the Owner.

The Owner loved his new yacht and was thrilled all was working well, thanks to the folks at Arrow.

So thank you. I think Arrow exemplifies what this industry is about, assisting the Captains so we can ensure the Owner’s are happy.

Thank you and very well done!”

Kevin Merrigan – CEO – Northrop & Johnson