Yacht Management

Making the Complex Simple

Arrow conducts various types of surveys, for a plethora of different uses. Survey reports can be used to confirm the valuation or condition of a vessel, or to give an objective, professional assessment per a yacht that is in build or refit before purchasing. Survey-related information is also critical to owners, buyers, brokers, attorneys and insurance underwriters for their decision-making.

All of these kinds of surveys can benefit from the addition of 3D scanning, so that a detailed visual record of a vessel’s condition is retained, giving users an extra level of understanding and analysis.

On occasion, the detailed technical data produced in a survey report can be overwhelming and incomprehensible to non-maritime professionals, leaving it unclear how to act. Arrow supports its clients beyond simply conducting the survey itself. We provide an honest, objective analysis and professional insights into a yacht’s condition in a clear, accessible format. We also share practical recommendations, solutions and can estimate the potential costs needed to resolve any issues found.

Our services

– Condition Survey
– Delivery and Acceptance Survey
– Milestone Survey
– Pre-purchase Survey
– Pre-sale Survey
– Valuation Survey
– New Construction Survey
– Refit Survey


– Ensuring all required documentation and certification is available onboard to ensure full compliance
– Crew documentation verification and monitoring of safe manning levels
– Provision of Designated Person Ashore
– 24/7 emergency response team
– Regular updates on Class and Flag regulatory changes
– Vessel operating procedures
– Development of vessel contingency plans and emergency procedures
– Investigation of accidents, incidents and hazardous occurrences, to promote safety onboard
– Completion of Ship Security Assessment (if required)
– Production of flag approved Ship Security Plan (as required)